Posted 9 September, 2019 by in Events

The brightonSEO Crawling Clinic

For the first time last year we ran a crawling clinic at the legendary brightonSEO . The team had a lot of fun meeting everyone and chatting about crawling and technical SEO while just a little hungover from the pre-party, so we decided to do it again this year.

The idea of the crawling clinic is that you’re able to meet the Screaming Frog team and chat about any crawling issues you’re experiencing, how best to tackle them, and any feature requests you’d like to see for the software – or just pilfer some swag.

We’re also running our SEO Spider training course at brightonSEO on the Thursday (12th September). This is the same SEO Spider training course that we offer. It is aimed at those who are familiar with the basic uses of the SEO Spider, but want to learn how to make more of the tool.

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone attending the course, and if you’d like to join the workshop there’s still a few places left .

Version 12.0 Sneak Preview

The team will also be running the new beta 12 version of the Screaming Frog SEO Spider at the Crawling Clinic. So if you’d like a sneak peek of some very cool new features that are coming soon before everyone else, then come on over to the clinic. We’ll be on the main exhibition floor (B7) on Friday (13th September) throughout the day.

If you’re attending the conference, then also make sure you pick up the latest edition of the Screaming Frog brightonSEO beer mats!

Come & Chat About Crawling

You don’t need to book anything, you can just come over and chat to us at our crawling clinic stand. We’ll be on hand to help with any crawling issues and will have a few machines to run through anything. So if you’d like to meet our team and chat about crawling, log files, SEO in general then, then please do come over and see us.

Alternatively, you can say hello in the bar before at the pre or after parties! See you all on Thursday and Friday.