Posted 19 February, 2016 by in PPC

Changes to AdWords PPC SERPs

The PPC world is awash with excitement about changes to the Google search results page – scrapping the right-hand side column altogether for generic non-branded terms in favour of up to 4 ads above the natural results, and 3 at the bottom, similar to the mobile results page – but with an extra cherry ad on top.

We’ve been seeing 4 ads on the top of the results for a few days, (on Google and Bing), but today (Friday 19th February) is the first time the RHS ads have been dropped.

As can be seen in the images below, Google are still testing the new layouts, as they always do with layout changes, and as there is no official comment from Google yet, we must presume they haven’t decided whether implementing the change will have a positive influence on their revenue users’ behaviour.

We will update this post as we hear it, as well as any official comment from Google.

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