Posted 3 December, 2010 by in PPC

Google AdWords: New Billing Tab?

I’m not sure if this has been around for a while & I’ve just missed it but when I was reconciling the AdWords costs for one of my clients this morning I noticed that the Billing tab had changed slightly.

I’ve included a screenshot below of the ‘new’ tab but those of us who use the billing tab on a regular basis will immediately notice the difference between the usual page and the new lay out.

(For those who don’t use it that often the major differences are that the billing summary & billing preference options have now been amalgamated under the main Billing tab, with access to these sections now coming via two sub tabs.)

When we spotted this change we also noticed that the URI of the page was slightly different with the page being in a /ui/ sub-folder instead of the usual …/m/… (a great spot by @jasonlock )

Are Google playing around with the AdWords interface again? I must admit it’s been a while since the last change so they’re probably due another one ;)

I actually quite like the new layout- which makes a change from past updates, but what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

UPDATE: After digging around I’ve found & remembered that this ‘new’ Billing tab is the upgraded tab as mentioned in the AdWords Blog back in June/ July. It’s been so long since that post that I had actually forgotten it. It is interesting to see that I only have this upgrade in only one of my accounts though and so I’m now wondering how long it’s going to take Google to roll the change out across all the accounts- It looks like it could be a while…