Posted 3 July, 2013 by in News

The Frogs Take to the River: The Henley Royal Regatta

Once a year we witness the quintessential British summertime scene unfold before our eyes: the Henley Royal Regatta.

Hundreds of rowers from around the world, and thousands of spectators, descend on our sleepy town, for one of the most prestigious boating events in the UK.
regatta frog

Despite the lack of sandwiches left at lunchtime in the supermarkets, and the huge volumes of traffic, regatta week is without doubt one of the highlights of the summer. Red, white and blue bunting waves in the wind, striped marquees line the riverside, the Pimm’s is on tap, and even the grey skies and drizzly rain can’t dampen the town’s excitement.

To commemorate our favourite five-days in Henley, we’re rolling out a stream of new logos across our site, Facebook page, and Google+ profile. While we don’t have the necessary nautical skills to commandeer a boat, we do have the design know-how to put our own spin on Henley’s claim to fame.

Seeing as we can’t get much closer to the town centre and the hub of the action, it’s hard not to love the relaxed, party atmosphere that the rowers and regatta-goers bring, and it’s the perfect excuse to spend our Friday afternoon sitting in the sun by the river.