Posted 31 January, 2017 by in PPC

AdWords History Timeline Published

For those of us who have been in paid search since before AdWords was on the scene, it’s easy to forget the details about when certain “features” were released, and in what form they first appeared.

For those who are newer to the industry, it’s probably hard to imagine the AdWords ecosystem without the display (content) network, or a concept of Quality Score, or even optimising accounts before Google Analytics was around.

Pretty much every feature we know and use today which we class as “fundamental” was a new feature at some point in the past, and now you can find out when! It’s easy to filter the timeline by selecting the tags such as “Quality Score” or you can scroll to a particular year of interest.

Most agencies keep a resource of key events and inspired by the Google algorithm change history by moz for SEO, we decided to make ours available – as it’s not always easy to put a date to these changes, or even how to phrase what you’re looking for!

We have more to add to the resource, and we’ll be keeping it up to date so we hope it’s of use to some of you. If you have any ideas on anything you’d like to see, additional categories you’d like to filter for or events that are missing, be sure to let us know.

View the timeline here