Posted 20 May, 2016 by in PPC

Google Running a Global Test On Their .com Domain

Over the past few days we have noticed Google playing around the look of SERPs on their .com domain, which was picked up by our very own Dan Sharp yesterday.

After carrying out a series of tests it looks like regardless of the country of search, people using the .com domain are seeing both organic and paid results appearing in their own box. At this moment in time it hasn’t been rolled out to country specific domains such, .fr, etc, although as with anything Google related…watch this space.

fr hotel serp

There has been no official announcement from Google with any reasoning or thought behind the change, although there is a striking resemblance to the view seen in mobile SERPs. Perhaps it is just Google’s way of cleaning up the presentation of SERPs on desktop, making it easier for users to view.

Mobile SERP
What do you think? Is this Google practising what they preach & going even more mobile-centric? Let me know in the comments!