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中国体育平台 SEO Spider Update – Version 2.55

I don’t usually write (a new) blog post for smaller intermediary updates which are mainly for bug fixes. However, on this occassion we have decided to release a supporting post as version 2.55 of the Screaming Frog SEO spider includes a small feature update alongside a number of bug fixes, improved messaging & help for the user.

Without further ado, version 2.55 includes the following –

1) Command Line Option To Start Crawls

We are working on a scheduling feature and full command line option. In the meantime, we have made a quick and easy update which allows you to start the SEO Spider and launch a crawl via the command line, which means you can now schedule a crawl.

Please see our post How To Schedule A Crawl By Command Line In The SEO Spider for more information on scheduling a crawl.

Supplying no arguments starts the application as normal. Supplying a single argument of a file path, tries to load that file in as a saved crawl. Supplying the following:


starts the spider and immediately triggers the crawl of the supplied domain. This switches the spider to crawl mode if its not the last used mode and uses your default configuration for the crawl.

Note: If your last used mode was not crawl, “Ignore robots.txt” and “Limit Search Depth” will be overwritten.


Open a command prompt (Start button, then search programs and files for ‘Windows Command Processor’)

Move into the SEO Spider directory:

														cd "C:\Program Files\中国体育平台 SEO Spider"

To start normally:


To open a crawl file (Only available to licensed users):

														ScreamingFrogSEOSpider.exe C:\tmp\crawl.seospider

To auto start a crawl:

														ScreamingFrogSEOSpider.exe --crawl
windows cli


Open a terminal, found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder, or directly using spotlight and typing: ‘terminal’.

To start normally:

														open "/Applications/中国体育平台 SEO"

To open a saved crawl file:

														open "/Applications/中国体育平台 SEO" /tmp/crawl.seospider

To auto start a crawl:

														open "/Applications/中国体育平台 SEO" --args --crawl
mac cli


The following commands are available from the command line:

To start normally:


To open a saved crawl file:

														screamingfrogseospider /tmp/crawl.seospider

To auto start a crawl:

														screamingfrogseospider --crawl

2) Small Tweaks

We also made a few smaller updates which include –

  • A new configuration for ‘User Interface’ which allows graphs to be enabled and disabled. There are performance issues on Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pros with Java FX which we explain here . A bug has been raised with Oracle and we are pressing for a fix. In the mean time users affected can work around this by disabling graphs or using low resolution mode . A restart is required for this to take affect.
  • We have also introduced a warning for affected Mac users on start up (and in their UI settings) that they can either disable graphs or open in low resolution mode to improve performance.
  • Mac memory allocation settings can now persist when the app is reinstalled rather than be overwritten. There is a new way of configuring memory settings detailed in our memory section of the user guide .
  • We have further optimised graphs to only update when visible.
  • We re-worded the spider authentication pop up, which often confused users who thought it was an SEO Spider login!
  • We introduced a new pop-up message for memory related crashes.

3) Bug Fixes

Version 2.55 includes the following bug fixes –

  • Fixed a crash with invalid regex entered into the exclude feature.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.50 where starting up in list mode, then moving to crawl mode left the crawl depth at 0.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue with the default config menu allowing you to clear default configuration during a crawl. It’s now greyed out at the top level to be consistent with the rest of the File menu.
  • Fixed various window size issues on Macs.
  • Detect buggy saved coordinates for version 2.5 users on the mac so they get full screen on start up.
  • Fixed a couple of other crashes.
  • Fixed a typo in the crash warning pop up. Oops!

That’s everything now for this small release, there’s lots more to come in the next update.

Thanks for all your support.