Posted 24 June, 2011 by in PPC

Spotted: AdWords Ads With 6 Sitelinks

Earlier this morning I spotted that one of my clients ads was running what I believe is a(nother) new format of sitelinks. Instead of seeing the usual 4 sitelinks split across 1 or 2 lines or even the new embedded versions I saw 6 active sitelinks below my ad. After mentioning this on Twitter I was asked for screenshots and fortunately I have managed to find a couple of good examples.

Interestingly, the only time I could get the 6 sitelink format was if I was conducting a branded search.

What do people think? Is this another step closer towards the PPC & organic listings converging , as I feared previously? After all they only need to show another 2 and the sitelink format will match the organics.

Apple 6 Sitelinks ad Amazon 6 Sitelinks Ad